Stop All Plans to Sniper Shoot and Destroy Brumby Populations

Melbourne Rally 5 May 2021

Rally in Melbourne, 5th May 11am in Treasury Gardens near Spring Street,  to protest the planned shooting of up to 530 Brumbies in the Eastern Alps and Bogong High Plains Victoria.   Hear Guest Speakers. A Petition with over 167,000 signatures calling an end to shooting and seeking introduction of Legislation for Brumby protection shall be handed to Lily D'Ambrosio Minister for the Environment on the steps of Parliament House at 1pm.

The Andrews Government recent announcement they want to shoot up to 530 Brumbies in the Victorian Alps has outraged  Brumby advocates. The science relied on by the Andrews Government to claim damage by Brumbies, are "exclusion plot"s that exclude all animals, including Deer that outnumber Brumbies 300 to 1, and wild pigs whose numbers are out of control. Brumbies do not cause damage, and particularly in the numbers that survived the wildfires of 2019. This is not science.

This decision fails to take into consideration the ecological value that Brumbies bring to the National Park for over 2 Centuries, that  Brumbies hold cultural and social significance for all Australians and are a much loved icon for all Victorians.

We seek the introduction of Legislation to protect Victorian Heritage Brumbies, a population count that is mathematically and scientifically possible, introduction of fertility control and staged rehoming where necessary so that rehomers can fulfill their role

We must not see our Heritage Brumbies lost by gunfire either ground or aerial shooting, both of which are  cruel and inhumane and why aerial shooting particularly was banned in NSW after the 2000 massacre of Brumbies in the Guy Fawkes National Park was because of the gross cruelty.