Stop All Plans to Sniper Shoot and Destroy Brumby Populations

Barmah Rally 24 April 2021

News that the Andrews Government plan this year to shoot up to 90 Brumbies in Barmah Forest  and up to 530 Brumbies in the Victrorian Alps and Bogong High Plains is causing outrage among Brumby advocates. We advocate for Legislation, introduction of fertility control, population counts based on science,  mathematical logic, and  respect for our iconic Victorian Heritage Brumbies.

Join us for a Rally in Barmah  on Saturday 24 April 2021 in to protest the shooting of up to 90 Brumbies in the Barmah National Park and for introduction of Legislation for long term protection of all Victorian Brumbies.

Claims that Barmah Brumbies cause damage to moira grasses is false. These claims fell away when outstanding crops of moira grasses were announced this year despite the Brumbies presence.

Barmah Brumbies have lived in Barmah forest for about 180 years and are descendants of horses released into the forest by young local men when they left to fight in world war 1. Brumbies hold cultural and social value for all Victorians.

Barmah Brumbies are loved by locals, are a boon for local tourism as visitors travel to see the Barmah Brumbies, and any shooting or removal of Brumbies is strongly opposed by local communities.

We call for the introduction of Legislation to protect all Victorian Barmah Brumbies for future generations.